Israel It's Complicated

Israel It's Complicated: Digital Links

Chapter 1

New Immigrants to Israel


Music Videos:

Chapter 2

Graffiti in Israel


Music Videos:

Chapter 3

Praying at the Kotel

Web Links:

Music Videos:

Chapter 4

The Knesset

About the Knesset - Video 1
About the Knesset - Video 2
Women of the Wall

Chapter 5

Hatikvah (with subtitles)
Hatikvah (instrumental)
Hatikvah lyrics
Movie Clip from Exodus 1947
Israel's Declarationof Independence (translation)
Movie Clip of pogrom, from American Tail

Chapter 6

The Security Fence

Center for Israel Education's Timeline
A Day in the Life of the IDF
Sderot indoor playground

Chapter 7

An IDF team member helps a baby in Japan

Conan O'Brien's Visit to Israel
About Israel's Rescue Team
Jon Stewart learns what happens when you talk about Israel

Sample Articles about Israel, positive and negative:

- How Israel's Moon Lander Got to the Launchpad

- A Good Story About Israelis and Palestinians

- Second Skin: Israeli Medical Device Creates Temporary Nano-Layer to Treat Wounds

- West Bank Settlers' Listings on Airbnb Draw Palestinian Anger

- Visiting Hebron in the West Bank — The Divided City of Palestine

- Gaza Unlocked — Education

Chapter 8

Claire Lomas crossing the finish line, using her ReWalk

How the Israeli Snack Bamba Helped Doctors Study Peanut Allergies
Weizmann Institute of Science
Report About Israeli Population Living in Poverty

Toy by Netta Barzilai
Israeli Shops on Etsy

Some Sample Etsy Products

Pomegranate Dishes
Parsha Toy
Hebrew Letters

Chapter 9

How to Scan a QR Code with an Apple Device
How to Scan a QR Code with an Androis Device

Links that List Many Tourist Attractions in Israel

Eye on Israel
Fun in Jerusalem
Tourist Israel

Links to Specific Tourist Sites in Israel

Augmented Reality: A Look Into the Past
Shrine of the Book
Machane Yehudah
Yad Vashem
The Beach
The Diaspora Museum
Genesis Land
Dead Sea
Dig for a Day
Dolphin Reef
Rooftop Tour of Jerusalem

Plan Your Menu: Restaurant Choices in Tel Aviv

Halal Shwarma

Volunteer Opportunities in Israel

Pantry Packers
Keren Or

Additional Information about Volunteering in Israel

Volunteering in Israel by Israel21C
Volunteer Programs

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