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News | 27 Mar, 2017

We've rounded up some books that make great Afikomen gifts.

Static Page | 22 Mar, 2017

Blog entry | 22 Mar, 2017

One special Shabbat, where more than 100 people of all ages and abilities gathered together to welcome Shabbat - some for their first-ever synagogue experience.

News | 22 Mar, 2017

A student recently challenged his teacher to find ways to bypass "the blockade between the heart and God" in prayer. We've been rethinking t'filah too.

News | 22 Mar, 2017

In this excerpt from the forthcoming book Inside Intermarriage: A Christian Partner's Journey Raising a Jewish Family, Jim Keen shares how he and his wife navigate the spring holidays.

News | 22 Mar, 2017

Fans of Wreck This Journal and Tear Up This Book! will love Make This Journal! My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Year - coming soon!

News | 16 Mar, 2017

There's more to the Four Questions than listening to the youngest child sing. Hebrew in Harmony explores the values and message underlying this Passover tradition.

News | 16 Mar, 2017

If you're hosting a seder for the first time or you just want to try something new this year, use our guide to find the best one for you.